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Company Profile

Prime Products has been providing “Reliable” rechargeable batteries in Indian market since 1991. Our Management has experience in battery line since 20 years. Our technical expertise has made our customers and competitors treat us as “Battery Experts”. We are located in Mumbai, the commercial hub of India.

Over years we have gained in-depth knowledge about rechargeable batteries. We have had our share of unpleasant experiences.  However, we have learnt from each of this and made our systems and procedures stronger.  

Our procedures to test and charge batteries result in better performance of batteries sold by us. We continue to further improve our QA systems based on feedback from the field.

 We have designed elaborate battery tracking systems.  These help us in ensuring that batteries do not stay in discharged condition in our stock.  These also help us monitor field problems to identify any batch problems.

 We source batteries from worlds best battery manufacturers.  We are sure about the quality of our product since we are in direct contact with the manufacturer.

 We regularly send reports to our suppliers to get their feed back for any abnormal trend.  Our suppliers treat us as “most qualified” distributors.

 Our technical sales team is trained to provide sales support in selection of batteries.











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